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AVIS history

The first Avis office was opened in summer 1946 at the Willow Run Airport near Detroit. Avis is the first organized car rental firm in the world. It was established by Mr. Warren Avis in Detroit in 1946. It reached a fleet size of 1200 in 1956 within 10 years.

The beginning of the company development at the international level in Europe, Canada and Mexico is caused by the franchise implementation by the company in 1953. Besides the company was extended also within the country, opening the first licensed offices in San Francisco, Seattle and Denver. Thus, the fast development of a corporate network of Avis was observed both in America, and in Europe. In 1962 Avis company, whose auto fleet included 7500 units of cars, and turnover reached the level of 25 million dollars, obtained a world famous brand status, exactly during this period and the corporate slogan "We try harder". At Avis, we try harder to make your car rental easier.
Creation of Avis branches in Europe, the countries of Africa and the Middle East mark the further company growth on the international scene. Corporate activities gathered paces in the large cities of Europe. In 1965 the company, whose activities extended to the territory of Italy and France, showed a business volume growth from 74.5 million dollars to 425 million dollars, the number of the countries in the territory where the activities of the company were organized in the sixties reached 100 units.

In 1976, the amount of a business volume of a corporate company network made 433 million dollars worldwide, and the general cumulative auto fleet of the company contained 112.000 trucking facilities. During this period Avis Company became one of the largest organizations providing services of trucking facilities lease, the company provided services in 3.300 car rental centers worldwide. Today Avis Company has representative offices in 161 countries of the world, total number of the company’s offices - is 4850 units.

Avis history in Kazakhstan
Avis Company has been providing services to customers of Kazakhstan since 19/05/2014. Car rental services from among the vehicles of an auto fleet of a representative office numbering 700 car units, is performed on a condition of operational lease of cars and on a condition of a short-term lease. Our company along with a car rental brings to attention of clients additional services, particularly: GPRS services, a driver provision, Fuel Card execution, car wash, etc. Services are provided in any point of a country.