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The Alma-Arasan gorge is located in the south-west of the southern capital of the republic. It is spread out across one of the slopes of Zailiskiy Alatau, at an altitude of almost two kilometers above sea level. This is a very popular place of rest for citizens and guests of the republic, especially of the Almaty city.

Whenever you decide to visit this incredibly beautiful place, the way is through the once known sanatorium, which is impossible not to mention, because the entire tourist infrastructure was created around it. The sanatorium was very popular, especially during the soviet era due to the famous Alma-Arasan sources. However, recently all water sources have dried up, and the place has lost its former glory. Now on the territory of the sanatorium it is possible just to enjoy incredible landscapes, to grill shashlik, but make sure you clean up after yourselves afterwords, and just to have a simple rest from the tiring bustle of the city. The sanatorium is located at an altitude of just over one kilometer eight hundred meters.

Passing the sanatorium there is a path by which you can reach the gorge itself. This place is characterized by a mountain-meadow landscape and a rather broken relief. That is why vegetation here is mainly represented by spruce, but sometimes you can come across very intriguing bushes - such as raspberry, rosehips and many others.

Leisure time here is incredible: a lot of sun, mountain air. Another really amazing advantage is the fact that two rivers flow through the gorge: the western tributary of Great Almatinka and the eastern tributary of Ozernaya River. Their water is clear and quite icy cold: just like any mount reservoir. Almost no one comes here to swim, of course, but it is sometimes necessary to cool down on a hot day. Somewhere on the slopes, both rivers come together, forming Great Almatinka.

An interesting feature of the western tributary of Great Almatinka is the fact that the locals call it "passing". The whole thing is that the shortest footpath passes here from the southern capital, the city of Almaty, to the famous high-mountain lake Issyk-Kul.

On the basis of all the above, we would like to say that this place has to be pleasant for absolutely everyone, so it is necessary to visit, you will not regret it. Have a nice trip!