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The high-mountain sports complex Medeu is in the city region of Alma-Ata, which is located in the southern region of Kazakhstan. The complex is at an altitude of almost 1700 meters above sea level. This incredible structure is justifiably called one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan, and reference of it can be found in almost every guide. Medeu is the largest mountain complex for winter sports in the world, the area of ice is more than 10 thousand square kilometers. This feature allows to hold competitions in speed skating, figure skating and ice hockey. The mild climate, lack of wind, low atmospheric pressure allow both a tourist and a professional athlete to spend an unforgettable time here. Another feature of Medeu is a special ice filling system. The thing is that only pure mountain water is used for the filling process. More than 150 world records at different distances have been set at Medeu. That is why citizens of the city have called the rink "a factory of records." So, if you get the chance to visit Medeu, you should definitely try to skate: the cost of skates rent can be just 1000 tenge (180 rubles), but you will have to pay a bit more for a pass, at the entrance they take 1800 tenge (350 rubles), but it is definitely worth it.

[BR] In addition to many advantages, Medeu has a very interesting story. It is worth noting that sometimes you can hear someone saying "Medeo", but this is the wrong pronunciation, as the complex was named after Medeu - a famous Kazakh figure. Medeu closely communicated with representatives of the city administration, so he was allowed to build a "winter house" - a kind of wooden building made of Tian-Shan trees. Nowadays there is the Medeu stadium on the ex-place of winter houses. The present appearance of the complex написать hadn’t taken shape until 1972. Even the “Dos-Mukasan” music band that was infamous in the Soviet Union had been invited to the opening of the structure. The opening of the rink was a grandiose event for the southern part of the USSR. The rink gained huge popularity, it even carried a "Speedway" (a kind of motorcycle sport, which was popular at that time. Nowadays it is considered to be a modern and is no less popular than it was.

For fans of skiing or just lovers of beautiful views there is the mountain resort "Shymbulak" which is at a bit higher altitude. There is a cableway from "Medeu" to "Shymbulak". The highest point is at 2,260 meters. There are more than 10 kilometers of tracks, picturesque landscapes, and unique descents.