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The park named after the 28 panfilovtsev guardsmen occupies the territory of almost twenty hectares in Medeu district of the southern capital of the republic. There are many different species of trees: from broadleaved - maples and aspens to coniferous - spruce and pine trees. In the background of the surrounding buildings there is a very attractive and picturesque ensemble of the city. The park was named in honor of the Panfilov's Division, who, in a display of incredible bravery , were able to stop the Nazi offensive against the capital. 

In the eastern part of the park there is a Museum of Folk Instruments, the House of Officers, a memorial with eternal fire and a monument to international military divisions. The complex was opened by the thirtieth anniversary to the end of the war - in May 1975.

The memorial is in the shape of a high relief, which is dedicated to soldiers, who had fought against the fascists during the Great Patriotic War. The central part shows the prototype of panfilovtsevs who fought to protect of Moscow. On the eastern side of the memorial you can see the "Trumpeting Glory" composition, which is a symbol of Triumphant Victory. Near the eternal fire, large urns were installed, under which there are containers with the soil from all the heroes' cities.

On the west side of the memorial there is an indescribably beautiful spruce alley. The spruce was planted personally by many Presidents of different countries, who visited the republic during its declaration of independence.

On the south side there is a monument to a hero of the Soviet Union, Major General Panfilov (the commander of this legendary 316 division). In the northern part of the memorial there are commemorative obelisks showing the names of all twenty-eight panfilovtsevs.

A monument to Baurzhan Momyshuly (panfilovets and outstanding writer) had been installed in the furthest part of the park, and a bust of Tokash Bokin (a participant of the struggle for the establishment of Soviet power in the republic) was installed in the western part. All the paths and alleys in the park come together in the central part and then lead to the Holy Ascension Cathedral.

This monument of culture is under the vigilant supervision of the authorities of the local government. Every year more than fifty million tenge is allocated from the city budget for the maintenance of order, security and repair for some parts of the park. And it is possible to say with pride that the park of 28 heroes- panfilovtsevs is one of the main attractions and landmarks of the city of Almaty.